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Clarification regarding letters from Autodesk about License Compliance


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Autodesk has discovered that many customers are either accidentally or intentionally in breach of their license agreement and their license compliance team is very active in resolving this. Customers that are not compliant will be charged for the use of any non-compliant software. Autodesk is very strict about enforcing this.

If Autodesk has already contacted you about license compliance, they have told us that the correct advice is to co-operate fully with them and to be transparent about your use of Autodesk software. If you have not been contacted, it would be a good idea for you to conduct your own internal audit and compare it with Autodesk’s record of your licenses. C-CAD can assist you with this as an additional service if you prefer. Please enquire. You can request a report from Autodesk providing a current list of your Autodesk licenses which will include the name, version, serial numbers and quantity of the licenses you have. Even if you have only one or two licenses it still may be a good idea to request this report because we very often come across customers who have forgotten about some licenses they have or are under the impression that they are on a different version. Due to data protection rules, C-CAD is no longer allowed to request this for you and it is easily done as described by the attached document.

You should examine this license report and match it to the amount of users you have and examine the terms and conditions of use to ensure that you are not in any breach. For example if the same serial number is installed and activated more times than the license report allows, then there is cause for concern and you should rectify this immediately, either by removing any non-compliant licenses or purchasing more from us if you need them. The following are some of the main compliance issues that you need to watch out for (Note: this is not an exhaustive list and you need to refer to the attached documents for more complete information):

1)      Overuse of a license: Standalone licenses can only be used and activated according to the number of licenses purchased under a given serial number (can be checked on the license report). In certain instances, Autodesk software can be installed on users laptops for use away from the office, but this is only for the same person using the software in the office and the licenses cannot be used at the same time. It doesn’t mean that one person can use it in the office and another on the laptop. This is a breach. In addition, with Maintenance Plan and Subscription, you are allowed a home use license, but only for the same user that it is activated for in the office. It doesn’t meant that a separate person can use the home license. A company also needs to ensure that if an employee leaves the company, or if their Maintenance Plan or Subscription has expired, any home use licenses they may must be removed.

2)      Out of Territory Use: This is another common non-compliance issues. For example licenses purchase in the European Union or European Free Trade Association cannot be used outside of these territories, or licenses purchased in the US cannot be used here etc. There are certain exceptions, for example if you have a network/multi-user license you are allowed to export it for up to 90 days outside the territory it was purchased in.

3)      Another legal entity using your software: Autodesk does not allow third parties (including companies who are affiliated with you) to use the software program.

4)      Continuing to use Maintenance Plan/Subscription benefits after contract has lapsed: If you do not renew your Maintenance Plan or Subscription, you cannot continue to use Maintenance Plan and Subscription benefits. Many people continue to use these benefits without realising that it is an issue. For example prior use – you are no longer entitled to use 3 versions back. You must use the latest version that you have currently installed only. Other benefits that you must stop using include Home Use as outlined above or Autodesk 360 cloud services provided through your Maintenance Plan or Subscription.

5) )      Trial Software: If you need to use trial software, please ensure that you are using it under the terms and conditions that you accepted when using the software. This includes ensuring that the software is not used for commercial use or training etc. When the trial period has lapsed, the trial software must be removed from the computer. Refer to the agreement you accepted with the trial for any other terms and conditions of use.

If you need to discuss this in more detail, need further advice or want assistance in conducting your own audit, do not hesitate to contact us.


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